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Playlist No. 10: Princeton University Concerts Selects

Thursday, April 30, 2020, 8:05 PM


Even though we are disappointed that we cannot share our evening with baritone Matthias Goerne and pianist Jan Lisiecki, so much in the planned program gives us reason for hope. We are reminded of music's resilience and longevity, knowing that the all-Beethoven concert would have celebrated the composer's 250th (!) birthday. We are grateful for the lasting relationships that music forms, as this concert would have been a reunion with Matthias Goerne, back by popular demand. And we are excited for classical music's future, in the hands of such phenomenal artists as the 25-year-old Jan Lisiecki.

Luckily, we can still experience a taste of the duo's program, which they recorded for Deutsche Grammophon on a newly-released album. When listening to the An die ferne Geliebte ("To the distant beloved") tracks, we think of you, our beloved audience-at-a-distance!

We also have a special missive for you from Jan Lisiecki! He sends this video greeting to introduce a selection of the music that brings him most joy, from Bach and Chopin to Pink Floyd and more. Take a listen here, in the latest playlist of our Collective Listening Project.